Looking Forward to Live Music in 2021!

Well, it’s the new year and we’re still wearing masks and social distancing. But things are looking up! People are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to help us develop immunity, and the band will soon be getting together in small groups to produce some new live recordings while being safe! The McKinney Flute Choir performed a live-streamed concert in April and our smaller ensembles will perform in a virtual concert on May 22! Watch for links coming soon!

DANCING INTO SPRING: Put on your dancing shoes and join the McKinney Flute Choir as they dance into Spring with music from around the world at 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 16, at a free live virtual event.

MCB’s Plan of Action for Dealing with COVID: The members of the McKinney Community Band are so very ready to get back together to play as a whole group. That still isn’t possible, but we are working on ways we can get together this Spring in small groups to rehearse as ensembles. We also have safety precautions in place for any time we are able to get together.

The McKinney Community Band is a group of volunteer musicians who rehearse weekly and hold several FREE public concerts each year. All our concerts are family-friendly and cover a wide variety of band literature, including both popular and classical music.

Jeremy_ Elmer for website

Our Directors: The McKinney Community Band took some big steps forward in 2016 with the introduction of two new leaders for the band – Artistic Director/Conductor Jeremy Kondrat and Associate Conductor Elmer Schenk. These two incredibly talented musicians and educators are challenging the band members and helping establish an exciting future for our band. Learn about our conductors HERE.

And Now a Word from Our Director Emeritus: Our band is growing in number and our repertoire is growing in complexity … and it’s all just plain rewarding. We are committed to having fun through musical growth and achievement as well as camaraderie and friendships. In short, we play music and enjoy each other’s company. A lot. If you feel ready to give us a try, send us an indication of your interest through this website. You will then receive an email with details about visiting a rehearsal. We also have two “satellite” groups: the McKinney Flute Choir and the McKinney Dance Band. Subs and guests are especially welcome in these groups. Both rehearse every week at 6:30, prior to the 7:30 downbeat for the concert band rehearsal.

We are so blessed by support from the McKinney Arts Commission. It’s a short trip from anywhere in Collin County. You don’t even have to be a McKinney resident; some of our members drive a long way to participate because we have such a good time making music together!  It’s the most fun you can have for a dollar-a-week dues! Yours in music, Bill Sleeper, Director Emeritus

YouTube LinkThe MCB is Now on YouTube: The McKinney Community Band has an official YouTube Channel. Please visit to listen and don’t forget to hit “Subscribe” so you’ll get notices of anything new posted there.

Help the Band While You Shop Online: You can help the band by shopping on Amazon… and it won’t cost you a cent.  #StartWithaSmile and Amazon donates to McKinney Community Band.


The McKinney Community Band is funded in part with a grant from the McKinney Arts Commission. MCB thanks them for their continued support of our all-volunteer band.