Our Board of Directors/Officers

McKinney Community Band operations are overseen by a five-member Board of Directors. The immediate Past President serves on the Board in an ex-officio capacity.

2016 MCB Board of Directors
President: Tom Evans
Vice-President/Personnel: Marsha Hope
Secretary: Kristin Williams
Treasurer: Chris Heider
Concert Manager: Judy Kysley
Ex-Officio Immediate Past President: Marsha Hope

Board terms are for two with each person holding a position being restricted to two consecutive terms in that position.
The President and Concert Manager are elected in even-numbered calendar years and the Vice President/Personnel, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected in odd-numbered calendar years.

The Artistic Director/Conductor and the Associate Conductor do not have term limits. These include:
Artistic Director/Conductor: Jeremy Kondrat
Associate Conductor: Elmer Schenk

Members filling non-voting officer positions include:
Librarian: Vicky Putman
Website Technology Coordinator/Finance & Grant Committee: Chris Heider
Publicity Coordinator/Web Editor: Beth Shumate
Property Manager: Marsha Hope/Tom Evans

These positions are appointed by the Board with a simple majority vote and do not have term limits.